Street and Road lighting control is vital in the fight to save energy.
PowerSines energy efficient solution for outdoor lighting offers up to 38% energy savings by:

  • voltage control supplied to the lighting circuit

  • operating lights efficiently by user defined time schedules

  • reducing maintenance and re-lamping costs

The Smart Lighting Energy Controller (SmartLEC) system is compact and installs next to the electrical distribution panel. PowerSines provides the fastest, easiest way for energy efficiency and outdoor lighting control, without requiring any changes to infrastructure or extra costs in retrofit of fixtures or lamps.

Outdoor lighting applications:

  • Street lighting

  • Road and Highway

  • Tunnels

  • Airports

  • Car Dealerships

  • Parking lots

  • Gas stations

PowerSines patented RightVoltage technology provides optimized and pure sinusoidal voltage to the load. As a result, only the right amount of energy required to maximize energy efficiency is delivered to the outdoor lighting devices in road and street lighting control applications.

System benefits include:

  • Install anywhere – lightweight and compact size allow installation on any outdoor lighting control application

  • Quick ROI – between 18-30 months

  • Reduced maintenance – reduced voltage level extends lamp life

  • No change to existing infrastructure – off-the-shelf product delivers immediate energy efficiency and electric savings


Saving energy through energy efficient indoor lighting control solutions is rapidly gaining acceptance as an untapped potential that can affect the bottom line.  

PowerSines energy efficient solution for indoor lighting controller immediately saves energy by delivering up to 38% off indoor lighting electricity costs:

  • Voltage Reduction supplied to indoor lighting circuits without compromising quality of lighting

  • No change to existing infrastructure – system is circuit based installed by electric cabinet for instant energy efficiency

  • Plug-n-Save – simple operation

  • Maximize return on investment with ROI of 18-30 months

  • Minimize electric wear on lights for longer lamp life

One Smart Lighting Energy Controller (SmartLEC) system saves energy with all indoor lighting circuits:

  • Fluorescent (T8 and T12)

  • PS, CFL 

  • Metal Halide (MH)

The indoor lighting controller has a compact design allowing for easy installation on walls, in electric rooms or next to electric panels.

Indoor lighting applications:

  • Retail stores

  • Office Buildings

  • Health Care Facilities

  • Fast food chains

  • Warehouse stores

  • Underground parking

  • Shopping Malls